The ultimate guide of best things to do in Drumheller (for 2022)

Drumheller, Alberta, is a breathtaking destination. Its dramatic landscape and rich history capture the imagination of even the most jaded traveler. And while it might be tempting to spend your days crunching through dinosaur bones or exploring the hoodoos (the town’s famous rock columns), there are lots of other things to do in Drumheller that you shouldn’t miss! Whether you’re into adrenaline-pumping adventures or just want to eat some good food, this guide has options for everyone.

1. Get up close and personal at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

  • Located in downtown Drumheller, the Royal Tyrrell Museum has been a must-see for dinosaur enthusiasts since it opened its doors in 1985. The museum features a large collection of fossils, including many casts and replicas of dinosaurs discovered in Alberta over the years.
  • The museum’s signature exhibit is a full-size model of one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons ever found. Other popular exhibits include “The Great Wall,” which explores how ancient reptiles were able to grow so large; “Triassic: Life after Death,” which features fossilized plants; and “Tyrannosaurus Tracks,” which shows where you can find them (and how they were made).

2. Kite down from the Star Mine Suspension Bridge

If you’re looking for something that’s easy, fun, and doesn’t cost a lot of money, this is the activity for you. It’s also great for the whole family! You can see all of Drumheller from up there.
The Kite Down from the Star Mine Suspension Bridge happens every year in July and August. It’s free to participate—just show up at noon on Saturday or Sunday; it takes about an hour to get everyone ready on both sides of the canyon; then someone will release all the kites into flight at once (that’s called “kiting”). The whole thing lasts about two hours until they have everybody come down again.

3. Take a walk on the wild side in Horseshoe Canyon

Horseshoe Canyon is the best place to see dinosaur bones in Canada. Located 25 minutes from Drumheller, it’s a must-visit for any dinosaur enthusiast. There are multiple hiking trails that take you through the canyons and can provide you with a glimpse into the lives of these ancient creatures as well as their extinction. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Horseshoe Canyon:

How do I get there?

Horseshoe Canyon is accessible by car or bus from Drumheller (it takes about half an hour). If driving yourself, park your car at the Horseshoe Canyon parking lot (there is a fee). You will then need to walk along an unmarked trail until reaching your destination where there are bathrooms and running water available for purchase if needed!

What should I wear?

It’s important that visitors dress appropriately so they don’t overheat while walking around inside the canyon walls during warmer months; this usually means lightweight clothing like shorts or t-shirts with sunscreen applied throughout their day spent exploring this beautiful area.

4. Explore Drumheller’s rich history at Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site

Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site is a national historic site in the Drumheller valley that is dedicated to preserving Alberta’s coal mining history. The site features a variety of exhibits, including an actual mine shaft and artifacts from the mines. In addition, you can learn about different aspects of life in this area through tours and guided walks.
The tour takes visitors on an underground train ride through one of Atlas Coal Mine’s old underground tunnels, which will give you a feel for what it was like working underground during that time period. You’ll also get to see some original equipment from the mine as well as other interesting pieces from this area’s history.

5. See dinosaur footprints at Dinosaur Provincial Park UNESCO World Heritage Site

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, National Historic Site and a Provincial Nature Reserve. The park is located an hour’s drive north of Drumheller on the Red Deer River. It features hundreds of dinosaur footprints that tell the story of how they lived millions of years ago.

Royal Tyrrell Museum – Drumheller

The Royal Tyrrell Museum preserves Alberta’s fossil heritage through its research laboratories and collection management programs that provide access to world-class collections for scientific study by researchers from around the globe.

6. Take a trip to Hoodoos Trail near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Hoodoos Trail is a popular tourist attraction in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. It’s located close to the downtown area. If you want to take some nice pictures and enjoy nature but don’t want to travel too far outside of town, Hoodoos Trail is a great choice. On top of being an interesting place to visit, this trail is also very easy and safe for most people to hike on their own (even if they’re not experienced hikers). If you’re looking for something fun and easy that’s still worth checking out, definitely give Hoodoos Trail near Drumheller a try!

7. Visit Orkney Viewpoint in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Orkney Viewpoint is a great spot to see the Badlands from above. It’s short walk from the parking lot and there are lots of different angles you can take photos from. You can also take pictures of your friends or family in front of it! The view is beautiful and you can see for miles on end.
If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to bring a compass and GPS with you so that if there are any problems with your phone or other electronics, then they’d still be able to help guide you back home safely. This hike isn’t too difficult but there are some steep parts so watch out for those slopes!

8. Eat a delicious meal or drink coffee at The Badland Cafe!

The Badland Cafe is a great place to stop for a meal or coffee. It’s conveniently located in downtown Drumheller, so it’s easy to grab lunch while you’re out exploring. The cafe has plenty of options on their menu, including sandwiches and pastas along with some tasty desserts. They also have vegan and gluten-free options available!

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Drumheller! You can make it a great place to visit by planning ahead and not just hoping for the best. We hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful town as much as we did.

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