Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions & Rider agreement:
Please read this agreement carefully, it outlines the legally binding terms and conditions for the usage of our service. These terms define legal binding conditions and terms that regulate your usage and access to the services. If you are not in agreement to these terms and conditions then you should not use the services.
Scootsee reserves the right to modify prices and amend the policy for usage of resources and terms at any time.
When you access and place an order through Scootsee you acknowledge that you have the authority, right and ability to agree with and bound by the terms and conditions (on behalf of yourself or the entity you represent ). While considering our services, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as set forth below.

Rules of use
The rules govern the manner in which you use the scooters we provide. These rules form part of the contract you sign with us as well as the usage of the services we offer. Additionally, these rules define our safety standards for using scooters. It is your responsibility to follow these regulations, therefore it is crucial to read them thoroughly and comprehend them fully. If it is required to assist you in understanding certain terms or technical procedures that are included in these regulations we will provide or point you to specific links and examples.

Your Legal Capacity to Accept These Terms

You warrant and affirm the fact that you’re at minimum 18 years old and have the mental and legal capacity in conformity with the laws applicable to your state or territory to be able to agree to this Agreement and to use our services. If you are younger than 18 or are not able to demonstrate the required capacity parents or guardians can, in accordance of the applicable law take action against your actions or omissions in connection with the use of our services.

Usage Fees

You can use the vehicles for a single trip or otherwise according to the rates set out within the application. We will charge the agreed payment method the amount of the fees that are agreed upon through the app before you make a reservation to begin the ride.

Security inspection
Before using any scooter you should inspect it to ensure it’s suitable for use. If the scooter you are using does not meet the standards or is unsafe to use for any reason, do not use the scooter. In this case you should notify immediately the staff at the reception.

Riding Rules

All users agree to comply, in their own responsibility, in the usage of the service the regulations in force at present specifically, the municipal ordinances that govern the city in which the rental is made , and that remain in force in all times.

  • At least 18 years old.
  • You must not surpass the speed limit of 20 km/h in any given time.
  • Be sure not to be impaired by alcohol or controlled substances or medication as well as any substance that could affect your ability to operate the scooter in a safe manner.
  • You are mentally and physically competent, and possess the knowledge and skills to operate, assemble and operate the motorized scooter you have facilitated or chosen from you, in a secure and proficient way.
  • Make sure you stay within the weight limit of 140kg.
  • Be aware of our highly stout suggestion to wear a regulated cycling helmet properly fitted every time (unless an exemption is given by an authority that is appropriate to accommodate religious or medical motives);
  • Other safety equipment should be worn as necessary, including but not limited to footwear that is covered;
  • You are the sole rider (never let anyone else take your ride);

Your responsibilities during riding include;

  • Do not carry passengers, which includes but is not restricted to children, adults, infants (in babies’ carriers or other ways) and animals, including pets, service animals, etc.
  • Do not use any mobile tablet, smartphone, laptop or smartwatch or any mobile electronic device while riding;
  • Do not use any device that could hinder the user from operating the scooter.
  • Do not wear earphones, headphones or earbuds or other audio device during your ride, or any other activity that may interfere with your ability to see and be aware of the surroundings around you;
  • Avoid riding in extreme conditions of weather, including but not restricted to heavy lightning storms, heavy rain monsoons, storms, windy conditions, hurricanes, cyclones storms , floods and storm surges. Also fog, haze dust storms and conditions with reduced visibility, storms, snow that is heavy and icy conditions.
  • Don’t utilize the scooter to race stunts, tricks or in any other way other than personal transportation.
  • Be in compliance with the applicable traffic rules and all other applicable rules and laws (federal provincial, local, or any other).
  • Do not lease, rent or lease, sell, resell or any other method of monetizing or marketing the scooters we provide without our prior written consent.
  • Do not collaborate or promote any act that is contrary to the provisions of this Agreement.
  • You must park the scooter that you have facilitated or chosen by you only in the places or areas that are permitted or is not prohibited to park according to any applicable law or regulation;
  • You must make use of the scooter chosen from your personal preferences in a sensible manner.You are not going to cause harm or hinder the enjoyment of others who are passengers on the bike, for example damaging to the scooter, obscuring it from view and/or altering the scooter in such a way that hinders the use of the other riders (e.g. by adding an additional padlock on your scooter).
  • You must comply with the applicable law and regulations rules (including those that deal with trafficsafety, road safety and parking) whenever you use the scooter that has been facilitated or chosen by you.

You must follow the city’s traffic rules

Security checks

It is important to verify the safety operation of any scooter you are provided or arranged by you and ensure you’re able to operate the vehicle. As part of the security checks that need to be conducted these are the ones that are listed in the absence of any intention to be exhaustive:

  • The socket and the flexibility of the handlebar.
  • Function and function of the brakes.
  • Achieving the best pressure on the cameras and the wheels;
  • Make sure that all reflectors are in good working order to be used on public roads.
  • Check that the buzzer bell is functioning;
  • Verify that the scooter is free of none of the defects (latent or other) which could impact the safety of its operation.

If you intend to ride your scooter at night or during the conditions of the weather or conditions which significantly decrease visibility it is important to ensure whether your scooter has at least these components:

  • A headlamp and light source that can emit a visible white light at an acceptable distance.
  • The retro-reflector in the rear. Be aware that it could be that our scooters don’t come with headlights or lights.

Road safety

It is essential to use your scooter with safety at all time. While riding, using and driving on your bike you must follow these rules:

  • Respect the traffic law and rules.
  • Avoid driving on restricted or freeways;
  • Don’t fly in the direction of traffic.
  • Do not carry a large weight (e.g. briefcases, briefcases bags, backpacks or other things) If this makes the safe operation of the scooter challenging.
  • Don’t make use of mobile devices while using a scooter.
  • Don’t ride an electric scooter while under the effects of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that might hinder your ability to operate the scooter in a safe manner.
  • Don’t use your scooter during adverse weather conditions.
  • Be sure to follow the other guidelines available on the internet or in other documents provided.

Parking of the scooters

It is essential that you don’t place your bike in any location or is in any way in violation of the applicable laws and/or rules and regulations.

When parking the scooter, the security system that prevents vandalism of the vehicle needs to be utilized. In no way should it be left in a garage or driveway without being secured.

Do not park your scooter:

  • In any private area (e.g. in patios, inside or private property or private property, etc. );
  • On any public or sidewalk;
  • In locations where it might block access, exits, roads or parking lots or parking spaces on any national park, property nature reserve, public park;
  • Within any shared area within a housing project that is not intended for parking scooters or could limit the usage of the common area
  • There is nowhere in a station which is not specifically built to allow scooters to park.
  • In accordance with other rules you can find them within the app or the internet.
  • Scootsee has localized Riding Rules to protect the security of our riders along with the rest of the population. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with these rules every time you go out on the road.
  • Infractions to this Riding Rules can result in the imposition of a fine or suspension or even termination of your account.

End of use

After you’ve finished riding the bike, return it to the designated location at the time of rental. If you fail to adhere to this rule and continue to use the scooter, you will be charged for usage based on the rates at the time in force. If you have any queries regarding the specifics of the termination of the use, you can reach us via the contact information that are on our website.


  • Do not transport the scooter in a vehicle , or any other way to transport the scooter other than riding it.
  • Do not use and/or transport your scooter out within the riding zones.
  • Do not keep any of the personal protective equipment supplied by Scootsee such as helmets, after you have completed your ride. Attach them to the scooter to allow the next rider.
  • Don’t make use of Scootsee’s scooter for commercial activities or for other purposes (e.g. delivery of food, courier services or promotional activities or use for rideshare) without Scootsee’s written approval.
  • Do not keep the scooter you have in your possession after you have taken it for a ride. This means keeping the scooter on the boundaries of your home.
  • Do not forget to pay for usage or other charges and fees as you become due.
  • Do not hinder or block other riders by preventing them from riding the bicycle following having completed a ride (e.g. through locking your scooter using the help of an outside device).
  • Do not alter or disassemble components, take them off or alter or alter the motor in any manner.

Limitation of lIability

We do not have any control over the usage of any scooter and we will not hold us accountable for this or any other reason. We are also not obliged to defend you from any claim brought by any third party that arises from or relating to the utilization of the scooter.

You are not allowed to allow another person to use a scooter you’ve hired. You are accountable for the use of the scooters you have rented or the ones you’ve chosen carefully, and keeping your behavior in check when using the scooter.

We do not assume any responsibility or we will not take any responsibility for any death or personal injury caused by you or any other person else, nor to any harm to any good that results from the use of scooters. You must take all risk and assume all responsibilities regarding this.


The vehicles that are used to transport the Scootsee are insured in accordance with the lawful traffic rules. It is important to note that e-Scooter Tours does not offer insurance, or even cover cancellation insurance up to the amount of the cost of your e-Scooter Tours, emergency evacuation and repatriation charges in respect of all your activities, as also medical costs as well as accidents, and the security of your baggage on our vehicles.

Penalties and administrative sanctions

Scootsee is entitled to pursue any necessary action that are available to it under the law in the event that, in our opinion conclusion, a vehicle that was which you rented to be injured (fair wear and tear not excluded) and/or stolen, and is an offense in the rental or has parked the scooter in areas that are not permitted. We may take action by filing an arrest report against you, putting the method of payment to your file, and launching the recovery process and proceeding against you.

Scootsee retains the rights to demand from the user’s expenses in respect of any violations committed. Any costs and expenses that result from the use of the scooter and also the fines that result from administrative or legal proceedings initiated in connection with violations of applicable regulations are charged to the person accountable to the vehicle at the time of violation.

Failure to pay the penalties and/or penalties could cause the suspension and/or end in this Agreement between you and Scootsee and Scootsee, who can as well, in addition to claiming those amounts, implement the measures it believes are appropriate to recuperate from injuries and damages caused and may also initiate actions it believes to be appropriate in the relevant jurisdiction.

Resolving Dispute

The parties will employ their best efforts to work together to resolve any dispute related to the products or services. The Dispute is to be submitted via a written notice from one of the parties to the other party to resolve. This notice should contain complete details of the Dispute. In the event of notification that there is a Dispute being sent an official from Scootsee will be available to visit you in an attempt to settle the Dispute.


If you have any issue with our Services or have any concerns regarding these Conditions of Services Contact us at:

308 Centre St,

Drumheller, Alberta