Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are located in NN News Confectionery 308 Centre St, Drumheller, Alberta. You may visit us to book a ride for your long-awaited tour.

Book your ride from our website, or you can also visit us in person at 308 Centre St., Drumheller, Alberta. Our docking station team provides visitors with a warm welcome and information on how to book their trip.

We might ask you to provide us with your contact information and demographic profile when you sign-up. We make use of this information to send our users on our site, including you, updates on our Site and Services. We also make use of this information to communicate with you offline and online as necessary.

We have only one docking station and so we request tourists to end the ride there. Please follow the time mentioned by the team to reach the ride-ending destination to avoid any inconvenience.

You may choose to pay the bill in cash or using your debit/credit card


You are responsible for the scooter during the whole rental period. We encourage our customers to lock their scooter during the rental period, we do not encourage leaving it unattended or leaving it without locks so that no one can tamper with your scooter while you are away. Also  be aware of the city regulations regarding this kind of vehicle.
We have scooters available for rent by the hour, or you can pre-book a longer trip. Our scooters are fun, easy to ride, and perfect for getting around the city. We can tailor your rental time to match your needs.
With a range of 55km on a single charge, the Scootsee eScooter has enough juice to keep you moving around town all day long. And since we offer swappable batteries, you can go even further.