Stay Safe

At ScootSee, we believe that safety conscious riders help safer societies arise. Follow these e-Scooter riding tips for a joyful, adventurous ride.

Don’t ride until you are 18+

Only 18+ individuals are allowed to ride scootsee.

Monitor Your Speed

Don't ride your e-scooter faster than 20 km/h.

Always Wear Helmet

Even overspeeding is not an option, we suggest wearing a helmet.

Choose Your Gear

Before riding the e-scooter, ensure you have everything that keeps you safe and sound, such as helmet, gloves, knee pads, etc.

Check the Scooter

Ensure everything is working properly: check the brakes, lights, accelerator, etc. read instructions before starting the ride.

Start and End Carefully

Start the ride as instructed, drive safely, and end the ride as guided. Parking and locking the electric vehicle is super important. Follow the instruction as guided.

Ride Safe with Scootsee

It’s to ride the most exciting and safest rides you can get – Scootsee’s e-Scooters.