Partner with Scootee
and Grow Your Busienss

Looking to add an e-scooter & eBike rental amenity to your property? Meet Scootsee – a complete e-scooter sharing solution for hotels, including connected hardware, app, branding, insurance options, and more.

Why partner with scootsee?

Scootsee is in the micro-mobility business, committed to promoting travel & tourism via eco-friendly electric scooters. With this partnership plan, you can increase your clientele and brand your business much faster.

Partner Benefits

Our Partner Programs


No more running late for meetings. Offer your clients conveniently reach their destination in less time and return fresh.


Boost your resort business with eco-friendly scooters. Your customers would love it and would want to come more frequently.

Bed and breakfast

Attract more customers to your bed and breakfast with a blend of delicious cuisine and a unique way to roam around.

Educational campuses

Get these modern-day eScooters on your campus and make lives easier for students, faculty, and staff.


Having a corporate event or rodeos? Add a little more excitement with Scootsee’s eScooters.

Individual users

Want to save time? Move between work and the office and protect time and cost while making the commute full of excitement.

Tourism companies

Is your business running low on profit? We have a good plan for you - promote your business with eScooters and gain more profit.

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