Scootsee is all about
eco-friendly ride

Join the Scootsee Movement

Join the Scootsee Movement

Do you love nature? Let’s save our environment from deadly smoke-emitting vehicles and switch to eco-friendly electric scooters.

Environmentally-friendly Rides!

Thanks to technology for giving us environment friendly electric vehicles and helping us reboot mother
nature. We have polluted it badly (and are still not stopping), but with little steps like switching to EVs
we can still protect nature and contribute in giving fresh air to our future generations.

We at Scootsee just taking a baby step to protect the environment while encouraging travel and
tourism in a more fun and exciting way.

An Eco-friendly Footprint

Durable battery

Scootsee is continually working to onboard EVs with long-lasting eco-friendly batteries.

Carbon neutrality

We are moving to carbon-free operations gradually with more EVs for everyone’s need.

Boosting tourism

Enjoy the entire tour with Scootsee’s 2-wheeler electric scooters at the best value.

Travel light

Cover long distances on our portable, light-weighted, and modern eco-friendly electric scooters.

Smarter than Ever!

1.Ride on eco-friendly electric scooters
2.Technology that will replace cars and bikes
3.The right speed for right track
4.The light-weight vehicles for one person
5.Carry your electric scooter anywhere you go
6.Avoid traffic and reach your destination on time
7.No need to look for parking space
8.Protect the environment and comply with environment laws
9.Explore the beauty of town on two wheels
10.Save time and energy

Ride Like a Pro

We use two apps to help you book a ride: Movatic and Joyride.