Scootsee Story


We started small as an eScooter & eBike rental and retail company. Now that we have grown exponentially, we are
expanding our venture by exploring new realms. We now offer a partnership program for various businesses, including hotels, resorts, tourism companies, and more.

A Unique Electric Scooter Sharing Service

Scootsee is a unique service that encourages eco-friendly rides to explore the city, roam around the town, and move between work. Check out Scootsee benefits


Get smarter with Scootsee’s portable 2-wheelers and freely roam around the city.

Scootsee Tours

Care for mother nature by avoiding smoke-emitting vehicles and encouraging environmentally-friendly scooters.

Scootsee Sightseeing

No more parking fees or finding the space. Ride on our eScooters and carry your vehicle where you go.

Commitment to Safety

Scootsee is easy to buy or book, and it’s even easier to pay for the time you travel.

Freedom to Move

These smart electric vehicles (EVs) are safer than cars since you drive on walkways.

Ride Like a Pro

We use two apps to help you book a ride: Movatic and Joyride.

The Man Behind Scootsee

Daniel Mackenzie Borden is the man behind this innovative idea – Scootsee. Before starting this venture, he was a police officer and a long-time inventor. His love for tourism and nature pushed him to start this venture. And the appreciation he received made him expand this venture to partner with other companies to promote eco-friendly rides and encourage travellers to use EVs.


As the years went by, he pursued a career in the police and his inventiveness shined through in his keen accident investigation reconstruction interests. He went on to develop methods and techniques for at-scene mapping and collaborated with FAA, NASA, and Transport Canada in the area of the runway/roadway surface friction for calculating speeds in the aftermath of fatal crashes. His ideas made their way to the classrooms of police colleges in Canada.

A Visionary Entrepreneur

His ideas made their way to the classrooms of police colleges in Canada. After retiring, he has done a whole 360 and found his way back to bicycles with a particular newfound interest in eScooters. He envisioned the world of micro-mobility years ago and is now getting to see it become a reality.

Personal pledge to safety

With zero-emission and shared mobility solutions, he is helping people rethink their future transportation choices. He wants to help communities become more walkable and more livable by providing alternatives to congested roads, traffic jams, and smog.

Eco-friendly mobility solution

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Meet the Team

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Nabeel Ahmed

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