eScooter and Bike Sharing Solution Made Just for Hotels

Aren’t you bored of exploring your favorite tourist destinations in a car? Do you want something new? E-scooters and bikes are the new norms. Many top destination hotels and motels are adding electric scooters and bikes to their fleet to attract more and more tourists from around the country and outside.

Riding on eScooters and eBikes is easy and fun at the same time. You book a ride via an app, reach the station, start the ride, and roam around the town or city. The best part is riding an eco-friendly ride – no harmful content emission.

Why Do Travelers Prefer Riding eScooters?

The benefits of riding electric scooters for travelers are:

Eco-friendly Vehicles

Don’t you love your environment? We all love it and wish to have the best of it. So here is your chance to contribute and protect the environment from the bad of pollution-emitting vehicles.

Electric scooters (and other electric vehicles) are environment-friendly vehicles. The only bad thing about these vehicles is their manufacturing process which emits carbon dioxide. The rest is all clean and clear.

Cost-efficient Vehicles

Although electric vehicles aren’t usually cheaper alternatives to buying carbon-emitting vehicles. But their running cost is way too low. You don’t have to pay any fuel costs or no recurring maintenance charges. And not to mention, these electric scooters are affordable to buy.


E-scooters are usually foldable vehicles. It means you can carry these scooters into the metro, your house, or anywhere else. But, of course, you can also put these rides in your car’s trunk.

Health Benefits

Roaming around on a 2-wheeler is healthier than driving a car – breathe the fresh air and enjoy the ride. Although, you need to put on safety gear before starting the ride.

Save Time

Although not as fast as driving a car, these two-wheeler electric vehicles will save you time when everyone on the road is stuck in traffic. You can conveniently ride on the pedestrian way and among the walkers – no harm, no law-breaking.

Why Should Hotels Add Electric Scooters to Their Fleet?

Hotels can also get a few benefits from adding e-scooters to their fleet:

Go Eco-friendly

Electric vehicles are a step towards a green environment. Hotel owners can promote it by adding eScooters for travelers and tourists.

Cost-efficient Rides

Taxis or rental cars are way more expensive than e-scooters. If you have these e-rides on your premises, you can save costs by offering these rides to travelers loving these rides. Moreover, these rides are less expensive to keep and maintain.

Grow Your Business

Business owners do everything to boost their businesses. So why not promote your hotel business by marketing that you offer more fun rides than others?

Should Hotels Buy E-scooters or Become Our Partners?

Electric scooters are readily available to buy. In addition, there are tons of online and offline stores where hotels can buy these rides. But what if you get an offer where a ride-sharing company offers a partnership plan that saves you cost while growing your business?

Scootsee is offering this partnership type, especially to hotels. We will park our smart vehicles at your premises, so you don’t have to buy new vehicles. These vehicles will undoubtedly save parking space and purchasing costs and promote your business.Like what you read? Connect with us and learn how Scootsee will help you add value to your business.

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