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STOP travelling in smoke-emitting vehicles. Ride Scootsee’s eco-friendly electric scooter and save mother nature from dying!

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What is Scootsee?

Scootsee is Canada’s leading travel and tourism company promoting environmentally-friendly rides for everyone. Be it a sightseeing adventure, a short trip to attend a meeting from your hotel or commuting between departments. We got you covered.

We have a fleet of eScooters for sale (visit the shop page) and rent (see our partnership program) for businesses, hotels, tourism companies, and individuals.

Our mission is to make travelling convenient, smart, less expensive, and pollution-free.

Safe and Enjoyable Audio Tours - Scootsee Vacation Voices

Experience the thrill of exploring new places with our GPS-guided audio tours. Our tours combine the convenience of GPS technology with entertaining educational content and local stories to enhance your travel experience. Discover new places and learn about the culture with our curated audio tours.
Join us and discover the excitement of traveling while feeling secure.

Buy from Scootsee’s Fleet

How to Rent an E-scooter?

Rent Scootsee’s electric scooter by visiting our website or store.
Sign up with us and freely roam around
Scan the QR code to unlock, and start your ride.
End the ride and park the eScooter at the station.

Rent Scootsee’s Electric Scooter from Your Mobile

We manage our electric scooters via two different apps. We request tourists downloading the relevant app first before grabbing one from our docking station.

Download Movatic to rent – The Voyageur
Download Joyride to rent – The Explorer & Feishen & The Ranger






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