5 tips for a safe eScooter ride

Are you thinking about trying a ride share eScooter? Well, we’re here to help you stay safe. You probably know that cars can be dangerous; but did you know that eScooters are even more dangerous than cars? Yikes! We don’t want anything bad to happen to you, so check out our tips for a safe ride below:

01 Wear a helmet

It’s important to wear a helmet every time you ride an eScooter, no matter how short the trip. In addition to keeping your brain safe, wearing a helmet can help protect your face from injury and keep you from injuring others if you fall off of your scooter.
When buying a helmet, make sure that it fits properly and is comfortable. The best way to ensure proper fit is by getting measured professionally in person at a bike shop or sporting goods store. You should also be able to adjust any straps or other fasteners so that the helmet fits snugly around your head without pinching anywhere on the sides of your face or forehead as well as over both ears (or one ear with headphones).
Once you have purchased a new helmet and are ready for testing, make sure there are no loose areas where impacts could come through—like cracks or scratches—and tighten all screws before using it out on the road! Keep in mind: even if an impact doesn’t result in visible damage right away, repeated usage over time could cause negative effects like chipping which may lead up until needing replacement later down cheapest prices ever seen $5 only now available today only sale ends midnight 5/1/19 future expiration dates unknown deals offered here so don’t miss out hurry order now before they sell out!

02 Be aware of your surroundings

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Check for obstacles, traffic and other eScooters.
  • Look for pedestrians as well as potholes and anything else that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  • Always be on the lookout for traffic lights, road signs, other vehicles and animals (including children).

03 Don’t ride on the sidewalk

  • Don’t ride on the sidewalk.
  • Don’t ride in a bike lane, either.
  • And don’t ride in any park or playground—that includes sidewalks that lead to those parks and playgrounds, if they’re nearby.

04 Don’t wear headphones while riding

If you’re listening to music or talking on your phone, you are distracted and may be at risk of an eScooter accident.
Don’t ride while wearing headphones. This will make it hard for you to hear any emergency vehicles coming towards you. If you do need to use your phone, pull over and make sure that traffic can see you before continuing on with your ride.

05 Be cautious at night

The safest time to ride an eScooter is during the day. However, people have been injured or killed while riding on their eScooter in the dark. If you plan on riding after dark, make sure your eScooter has a light for each wheel so you can see where you’re going. Also, try to avoid traveling on roads that have heavy traffic or are poorly lit at night.

There are simple ways to keep yourself safe while riding a eScooter

Do not ride on the sidewalk or in the street. You can only ride on the road or path, as long as it meets traffic restrictions.
Ride at least 10 cm away from the curb and ensure that there is no obstruction between you and other vehicles.
Be alert when riding in busy areas such as shopping malls and other public places. There are many pedestrians around and they may not see you until it’s too late.
Don’t wear headphones while riding; they block out sounds that may alert you of obstacles in front of you.
Always wear a helmet that protects your head from injury if you fall off your eScooter, especially for children under 12 years old

Here at ScooterLife, we have been riding eScooters for almost a year now. During this time we have learned a lot about how to ride safely, and how to ride responsibly. We want to share with you five tips that can help keep you safe while riding in the city.

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