The ideal way to explore a new city is by e-Scooter — Here’s Why

E-scooters: they’re not just for college kids and tech bros anymore. Once seen as the toy of choice for Silicon Valley dorks, e-scooters have now entered the mainstream, even among travelers. And no wonder: when you want to quickly explore a new city or get from point A to point B without walking but also don’t really want to take a bus or a cab, electric scooters can be an ideal mode of transport. Here’s how I’ve come to rely on them—and how you might too.

They’re more fun than walking

If you’re like me, you’ve been walking around a new city for hours and hours. You see the same street signs over and over. You hear the same music blasting from each passing car stereo. And you look up at the sky, only to be disappointed by another white shade of clouds that makes everything look washed out and flat.
Scooters bring with them an exhilarating element of speed; you can go much faster than walking, especially if there are hills in your way!
It’s important not to forget that e-scooters are great fun even during daylight hours: they’re excellent when used at night because their headlights will help illuminate any dark corners on streets where there aren’t streetlights; they’re also helpful during windy days because they don’t blow away like regular bikes would (plus they don’t make any noise!).

They’re safer than bikes

The first thing to know about e-scooters is that they’re much slower than bikes. And that’s actually a good thing, because it means you’ll be able to see more and enjoy the sights of your new city at a leisurely pace. There are also other reasons why e-scooters are safer than bikes:

  • E-scooters have a low center of gravity, which means if you do happen to fall off (don’t worry—you won’t), the impact will be less severe than it would be on an upright bike.
  • Finally, since most e-scooter models offer lights and reflectors across different parts of their bodies (including both ends), they’re easier for motorists and pedestrians alike to spot before it’s too late!

You can take them anywhere you’d take your car

If you have an e-scooter, you can take it anywhere. It is the most portable electric vehicle ever created. You can ride it to work, or to the grocery store or even to the beach—and if you live in a city with public transportation, like Drumheller or San Francisco, you can take your scooter on any kind of bus or train service.
The best part is that most e-scooters are foldable so they fit into practically small spaces (think: elevator) and they’re light enough that carrying them around is easy as pie!

It’s a great way to meet locals

You’ll have the opportunity to meet locals and hear about their favorite spots, which means that you can make the most of your time in a new city. There’s nothing like getting recommendations from people who know the area best!
If you’re looking for more history than what Google can offer, locals are also great resources for learning about local history. An e-Scooter tour will allow you to talk with locals about what makes their city unique and why they love it so much.

You’ll get to explore more of the city

You’ll be able to explore the city in a way you wouldn’t be able to if you were driving.
The city has much more to offer than just main streets and touristy areas. With an e-Scooter, you can go off of the beaten path and see what other parts of town have to offer! You never know what cool little shops or neighborhoods you might find because you’re traveling by foot instead of by car!

They can fit in places cars and bikes can’t

  • They can fit in places cars and bikes can’t
  • You can park them almost anywhere, as long as there’s enough space for a 2-3 foot by 2-3 foot parking spot. That’s about the same size of a motor scooter, but way less hassle to get out of tight spaces.

You’ll save money on cabs and Uber rides.

Even if you’re in a city where e-scooters are allowed, it’s safe to assume that you’ll want to take a taxi or an Uber at some point. After all, your first day in town might be a little overwhelming and you won’t know exactly where you’re going. Plus, there are times when walking just isn’t feasible (like when it’s raining).
But taxis and Ubers can cost anywhere from $5 to $20 per ride, depending on how far away they need to drive. And the expense goes up dramatically.

E-scooters are a fun, easy, and affordable way to explore a new city

  • E-scooters are fun.
  • You can go as fast or as slow as you want; it’s up to you!
  • There’s a reason why people still ride bikes in cities around the world: they’re fun, and everyone likes them.
  • You don’t have to worry about traffic or parking, which means more time for exploring the city.
  • E-scooters are easy. They’re small enough to park anywhere, so there’s no need for a car at all—and no need for expensive gas either!

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends, riding an e-scooter around town is a fun way to explore a new city. It offers more freedom than walking or taking public transit, and lets you travel at your own pace without having to worry about driving. Plus, there are no limitations on where you can ride—you can go almost anywhere you want. E-scooters are also really easy to rent: most cities have apps that allow users find all available scooters near them and then simply scan the QR code on each one with their phone camera in order to unlock it for use (meaning no time wasted dealing with paperwork). There’s even an option for those who might be nervous about riding one by themselves because many companies offer guided tours led by local guides who know all the best spots for sightseeing as well as where great restaurants lie hidden within bustling streets—all while keeping everyone safe from traffic accidents!

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