Make the most of your visit to the Dinosaur Capital of the world this Summer 2022

The Dinosaur Capital of the World is a museum dedicated to dinosaurs, with over 900 dinosaur bones on display. In addition to being home to many impressive specimens, the museum also provides educational programs for school groups and other visitors.

Book your tickets now – enjoy the full Dinosaur experience at an early bird price

Book your tickets now – enjoy the full Dinosaur experience at an early bird price.
Booking early means you can plan your trip in advance, and avoid the crowds. Early booking is also a great way to get the best deals!

Where to Stay

  • Hotels. There are many hotels in the area, most of which are located within walking distance of the park. The most expensive hotel is probably the Sheraton Dinosaur Park Hotel and Suites (1 star), but if you’re looking for something affordable and convenient, check out one of these options:
  • Hotel Les Dinos – A family-friendly resort with an indoor pool and restaurant on site. Rooms start at $115 per night.
  • Camping options. If you don’t mind sleeping outdoors or in a tent, there are plenty of camping grounds around Kauai that offer all-inclusive packages with activities such as snorkeling tours or kayaking trips.* You can also book tours through booking sites like Airbnb where they will arrange accommodations for you before your trip so all you have to worry about is eating well while exploring this amazing place!

What to see and do

  • The National Museum of Natural History: This museum contains exhibits on dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, as well as artifacts from the early settlement of the area.
  • The Sioux Falls Airfield Museum: This museum houses a collection of aircraft and military vehicles from World War II through today’s air force.
  • Dinosaur Park: Located just outside town, Dinosaur Park has been developing its collection since 1947 with donations from locals who brought their favorite fossils home with them. Here you can see several different types of dinosaurs in natural settings around their habitat (or whatever it was for most).

Food & Drink

You can find a great variety of restaurants in Dinosaur Valley. The food is delicious and affordable, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on your visit.
The main draw for many people is their prime rib sandwiches, which are made right on site by local cooks at the Old Town Cafe. They also serve up tasty hamburgers and hot dogs that are perfect for summertime barbecues!

There are also some great events in Summer 2022

There are also some great events happening in Summer 2022. The Dinosaur Capital of the World is known for its large number of museums and exhibits, so it’s no surprise that they’re always hosting special programs and activities throughout the summer months.

So, if you’ve got the time and money to make a trip to Utah this Summer 2022, we recommend making it an adventure. The Dinosaur Capital of the World has so much to offer, from incredible attractions and exhibits in both Salt Lake City and Vernal, to great local restaurants with delicious food specials. You can also enjoy some fun activities like hiking or fossil hunting along the way! And don’t forget about our free shuttle service that will take you from hotel to hotel on your way into town during those busy days when everything is closed down at once!

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