The voyageur


Want to explore the city? The Explorer is the finest choice we
offer our customers. It gives you moderate speed to roam
around, can go up to 40 KMs at the highest speed of 25 KPH.


  55KM (> 34 Miles)
Top Speed  
  30KPH (18.5MPH) or local regulations
Incline Rate  
IP Rating  
Connectors: IP 67; Electronics: IP64-66; Vehicles: IP65
Integrated with 4G-LTE, GPS, BLE, W/backup battery
Battery Pack
17.5 AH LITHIUM-ION premium batteries; patented swappable or non-swappable
Battery Lock
&Electrical lock controlled by IOT or mechnical lock
K-mark cert. headlight, taillight & brake-light. ACTON signature side lights for maximum rider safety and visibility at night
Brake System
Mechanical drum brake & electromagnetic motor brake on rear wheel
  Mountain bike grade fork suspension for maximum shock absorption when riding over obstacles